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Rules of Order for Faculty Senate Meetings

  1. One fourth of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the Senate.
  2. All motions shall be made on the motion form provided, signed by the maker and seconder of the motion, and may have the advice of the Parliamentarian as to their format. Discussion on an item will come only after a motion has been made. If appropriate to the nature of the motion itself, all motions will have a “Disposition” component, indicating the office(s) or person(s) responsible for completing action indicated by the motion.
  3. Members shall be recognized by the President before speaking and comments should be directed to the President.
  4. Debate on a motion will be limited to twenty (20) minutes unless members of the Senate approve extended discussion for a specified additional period.
  5. No individual shall speak to an issue a second time until all who desire to speak have been heard the first time. Speaking time is limited to three minutes per person.
  6. Vote will be by voice unless the decision is uncertain or challenged.
  7. Voting in the following cases shall be by secret written ballot: when requested by at least fifteen members, when requested by the President, when two or more members have been nominated for the same position, when the existence or composition of a Senate committee is involved. Voting in other situations shall be by voice or show of hands. The President, being a member of the Senate, may vote on all measures.
  8. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, will be followed. These rules shall be adopted, suspended, or rescinded by two-thirds vote of the members present and voting; a quorum being present. Note: “Call for the question”, “question”, and “move the previous question” are often misused. Debate does not end immediately. Instead a second is required for the motion, no debate is allowed, and a vote on ending the debate must be conducted. A 2/3 majority vote is required to end debate, before voting on the original motion

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